Monday, August 17, 2009

Meeting on August 20th and Other Info

We will be holding our next meeting of the Provo Lakeside area Freedom Forum discussion group on Thursday August 20th at 7pm.

We still have several presentations on Founding Fathers to complete. Our first order of business will be to give ample time for these presentations and related discussion.

Time permiting we will have a preview of the next discussion topic, 'Principles Upon Which Our Nation Was Founded'. This will likely be a multi-part discussion outlining the key fundamental principles used by our Founding Fathers in laying the foundation of our nation and its Constitution. These principles include the following:

- The need for basing government on sound and inspired principles
- The founder's understanding of the political spectrum
- Divine law
- Origin of rights
- Fundamentals of economic freedom
- Other basic principles

Following our discussions surrounding these and other fundamental principles used to lay a foundation for a free society, we will begin to focus in subsequent meetings on more specific building blocks used in constructing a government on this foundation. These include many of the principles built into our Constitution such as the importance of private property, separation of powers, and other key components of the American system.

We will use the following resources as pre-reading and source information for these upcoming discussions.

- The 5,000 Year Leap, Skousen, National Center for Constitutional Studies (I will have copies of this book available for $6 each for those interested in having a personal copy.)

- The Making of America, Skousen, National Center for Constitutional Studies. (Regularly $29, the hard cover copy of this book is currently on sale at for $19.77 plus shipping)

- The Federalist Papers, Madison, Hamilton, Jay. These can be purchased in book form for under $10 on, or found on line in free soft copy format at

I hope to see as many as possible at our meeting on August 2oth at 7:00pm.

If you would like to attend for the first time, it will be at the home of Richard and Natalie Parke. You can email us at for the address or driving directions.

Richard and Natalie

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